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FleurTeese, new fragrance sheer sensuality of Dita Von Teese

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Sensuous, feminine, intoxicating: The elegant Queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese embodies femininity like no other woman. Seductive, self-assured and graceful: the sheer sensuality of Dita Von Teese expresses itself in new facets. With her third fragrance FleurTeese, the international style icon embraces her coquettish, romantic side.
FleurTeese is a passionate bouquet, inspired by lush but delicate blossoms and idyllic floral gardens. Dita Von Teese has created this romantic eau de toilette that beautifully captures the spirit of her classic Hollywood style. Delicate like her skin, glamorous like her appearance and beguiling like the lady herself, FleurTeese is an enthralling new spring fragrance that calls to mind the playful pin-up girl.

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Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage, glamorous gold collection in limited edition

December 14, 2012 Leave a comment

Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage, glamorous gold collection in limited edition

Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage
Inspired by Hollywood’s legendary Golden Age, the new Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage cosmetics collection embodies feminine elegance, luxury and sophistication. The limited-edition Golden Vintage products are encased in glamorous gold packaging with etchings of lush feather plumes reflective of the feather fans that the burlesque star famously uses in her performances. Von Teese says, “I love carrying elegant makeup accoutrements in my handbag, so I’m thrilled to present my limited-edition ARTDECO Golden Vintage Collection for every woman who wants to add a touch of gilded glamour to her beauty ritual!”
Limited edition Candlelight Powder No. 1 is a soft powder with pearl pigments worked into it . The powder, which contains no essential oils or parabens, has a lovely texture that feels as light as a feather on the skin. This silky-shimmering compact is perfect for creating a delicate porcelain complexion à la Dita Von Teese. Whether in natural daylight or by romantic candlelight , the face simply looks luminous. Candlelight Powder is also perfect for contouring the face or emphasizing the upper cheek area with light-reflecting pigments. It contains exclusive minerals such as zinc, silicon, and mica that also nourish the skin.
ARTDECO has created a shimmering highlighter and eye shadow powder in limited edition Golden Vintage Eyelights “ménage à trois”. It consists of three elegant shades. The soft texture bathes the eyelids in a sea of sparkling light, and creates an exclusive shimmer. The lighter shades can be used as eye shadow and highlighter. The eyelights contain no lanolin or perfume, are easy to apply using a brush or applicator, and leave the skin feeling silky soft . The Golden Vintage Eyelights is offered in an exclusive, elegant powder compact with the feather engraving of the packaging on the shadows themselves.
Add false lashes No. 26 and No. 43 for the perfect finishing touch to a glamorous appearance. The handmade lashes thicken and lengthen the natural lashes. They are easy to apply with transparent lash adhesive, and can be reused. Limited edition Golden Vintage Lash Designer “Raven” No. 01 guarantees lovely lashes. This unperfumed mascara combines extra volume, optical lengthening, perfect separation and modeling, and a sensational swing. Natural rice germ wax nourishes the lashes with every application. This quick-drying mascara is ideal for sensitive eyes.
Golden Vintage Blusher “Enravish” creates a radiant complexion with a seductive shimmer and elegant glow. It offers excellent color brilliance, and adheres very well. All three colors harmonize beautifully. The optimum shade can be achieved by blending them together. Golden Vintage Blusher is paraben-free, mineral oil-free and perfume-free, and contains the mineral sericite for an elegant, velvety feel. Vitamins C and E also nourish the skin. The Golden Vintage Blusher trio is offered in an exclusive, elegant powder compact with the feather engraving of the packaging on the blushes themselves.
ARTDECO has created the limited edition Beauty Marks, self-adhesive beauty spots with a velvety appeal. Paying homage to Dita’s own beauty mark, these subtly placed Beauty Marks are the perfect finish to a glamorous makeup. Application: The fashion-conscious woman can choose from two sizes. Remove the Beauty Mark from the backing, and press against the chosen area of application for a few seconds. The beauty spot is easily pulled off with the fingertips.
Golden Vintage Lipstick adds seductive color and a delicate fragrance in three matt , limited edition shades, “Muse Red” No. 15, a subtle orange, “Maitresse” No. 28, a strong red, and “Valentine” No. 36, a dark cherry. This silicone-free lipstick leaves a velvety-soft finish. It achieves the perfect balance between durability, full coverage, and silky color. Thanks to the soft, weightless texture of candelilla, carnauba and beeswax, it lies gently and protectively on the lips. Golden Vintage Lipstick is available in an elegant gold design with an engraved feather motif , Dita Von Teese emblem, and the ARTDECO logo.
Limited edition Golden Vintage Lip Lacquer adds glossy accents to matt lip colors. Seductive shade “Joliesse” No. 70 attracts glances, while lips shine radiantly in “Chinois” No. 28. An ultra short real-hair brush is perfect for applying the creamy, well-covering texture with ease and precision. Festive Nail Lacquer shades complete the glamour look in two different reds: “Narcisse Noir” No. 156 and “Sleight of Hand” No. 169. The Mini Nail Lacquer “Gilded Moon” No. 10 in gold and “Diamond Moon” No. 12 in silver are perfect for creating Dita Von Teese’s unique retro-inspired, half-moon manicure for which she is so well known. The nail lacquer contains patented ceramic particles that increase its resilience and help the shine to last longer. Polyester resin reduces the drying time and minimizes discoloration. The high quality nylon brush fibers are perfectly matched to the formulation, and ideal for achieving smooth, even coverage.
Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage products will be available from retailers from the end of November 2012.v

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Von Follies, nuova lingerie glamour di Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese promuove una nuova linea di lingerie davvero glamour chiamata Von Follies disegnata personalmente per le donne dallo stile ineguagliabile per lo charme e la sensualità. La diva della bourlesque si ispira alla moda anni Quaranta riproponendo reggiseni, guêpière, giarrettiere e corsetti, i medesimi che poi si vedranno indossati sul palco come abiti di scena per le sue performance.

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