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Jean Paul Gaultier, several costumes for FORESTI PARTY show

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

On 13th September, French stand-up comedian Florence Foresti will open her spectacular new show, culminating on 23rd September when her performance will be livestreamed in dozens of cinemas across France! Her brand new show will feature special guests, spectacular choreography and stage costumes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.
This is the first time France’s favourite humorist has joined forces with the exuberant designer, pooling their talents to create an amazing show on an unprecedented scale.
Jean Paul’s desire to work with Florence came about after watching Hollywoo, a film she wrote and appeared in as the starring role.
Jean Paul has designed several costumes for her FORESTI PARTY show.
Here’s a sneak peek…
The opening outfit consists of black satin tracksuit trousers with an extra-high waist, teamed with a hooded ivory and black satin jacket, featuring a ‘Foresti Party’ embroidery. And that’s just for starters…
She will also be strutting her stuff in tuxedo trousers with an extra-high waist, held up with thin leather suspenders.
To round off the evening, Florence will give a nod to the famous outfit worn by Madonna on her Blond Ambition Tour. Being one of her biggest fans, she will take to the stage in high-waist trousers and a black satin conical bra with shoulder pads, to perform an off-the-wall musical  number.