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Fondente Armani, confezione regalo in edizione limitata da Armani/Dolci

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Selezione dei più pregiati cacao miscelati in modo sorprendente per dar vita a quattro diverse tipologie di fondente, quattro raffinate declinazioni del cioccolato preferito da Giorgio Armani.
Fondente Armani rappresenta, nel cioccolato, la quintessenza della qualità, del gusto e del lifestyle Armani. I cioccolatini sono raccolti in un’elegante e preziosa scatola dai riflessi bronzo, foderata di seta dalle nuances perlescenti, decorata con una speciale targhetta di metallo. Una velina stampata protegge i cioccolatini e guida all’esperienza unica dell’assaggio raccontando le caratteristiche di ogni singola tipologia:Strutturato, dall’aroma ricco e potente; Vellutato, dalle delicate note di vaniglia; Elegante, una sofisticata associazione di aromi aspri e corposità piena; Contemporaneo, una fusione di note tabacco e legno con freschi sentori fruttati.
Può contenere tracce di frutta secca a guscio e latte.

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Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo Concept… Mercedes-Benz Style signs-off for first Granturismo of the seas!

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pr_sam_july13_photo2_ext a-w1000-h1000
Mercedes-Benz Style signs-off for first Granturismo of the seas!
The Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo Concept – a unique luxury motor yacht – has cruised past a significant new milestone in its development with the signing-off of the final design.
The design encapsulates all the radical new thinking behind the project in a yacht of exceptional looks with an innovative layout and neverseen-before features. The debut Silver Arrow brings a new elegance and dynamism to motor yachts in the 14m class thanks to Silver Arrows Marine’s design partner, Mercedes-Benz Style.
“With Mercedes-Benz Style we really have made the first Granturismo of the seas, as one look at the finished design will confirm,” said Silver Arrows Marine Chairman Ron Gibbs.
“There will be nothing else like it on the water with such beauty and so many innovations. It will have everything that people expect of a luxury yacht bearing the Mercedes-Benz Style name.”
The design freeze comes after 12 months of intensive work to test and validate every aspect of the yacht’s functionality and performance.
From the start of the project, development has followed the same methodology used in the automotive industry, with clay models and rigorous testing of prototypes.
Ron Gibbs added: “This process has taken time but by following automotive prototyping practices we can be sure all crucial development has taken place before production begins, not after, as is often the case with motor yachts. We go into the next phase leading up to production confident of achieving our aims.”
The Silver Arrows Marine motor yacht realizes the dream of a team of marine industry specialists with backgrounds from superyachts to Formula One motor racing. All share a passion to build a “clean sheet” 14m motor yacht that relies on blending marine and automotive technologies to make “a small motor yacht built like a superyacht”.
The Silver Arrows Granturismo Concept has an open-plan cabin offering unprecedented space, light and flexibility for the boat’s size.
Unique features include unhindered access to the water from a “terrace by the pool” and a unique rear seating arrangement, maximizing relaxing space. Inside and out, the design, detailing, materials and colourways are more familiar from a luxury car than a yacht.
“Our motor yacht is about comfort and functionality in every detail,” added Ron Gibbs. “In this we follow the lead of the most recent range of Mercedes-Benz models – some of the people who worked on these cars are also working with us on the new yacht, including Gorden Wagener, Head of Mercedes-Benz Design.”
Further details of the finalized design and the next update on the Granturismo Concept’s journey from dream to reality presented at the Monaco Yacht Show (25-28 September).

“Picchio Extra”, new accessories for a new catamaran Picchio Boat

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Picchio Boat, the new catamaran concept conceived and designed by Christian Grande, has already become an icon of a different way of life and the ideal yacht to interact with the surrounding natural environment, thanks to a project approach devoted to a lifestyle based on the possession of time, true added value in today’s frantic world, and on the freedom to dispose of your own space and enjoy the journey and its stopovers, or blend these all into a unique experience.
These freedoms are unleashed by the concept and the layout of the boat, which makes it totally “permeable” to light, sounds and scent of the sea. A catamaran that blends with nature and with its shades, shaped by wind and water, elements that are celebrated and cited in its colors and finishes. A catamaran that becomes a nest and a cradle, a reading room, a veranda, a personal island from which to contemplate and appreciate unique landscapes that are never the same and share them with your own family and selected guests.
A brand new player, therefore, in the conventional boating industry; a boat that has become a milestone, and for which a new series of accessories, called “Picchio EXTRA”, will be available: accessories that share the same vocation, informal language and aesthetics with products that will be true ”satellite” complements.
First of all, there will be a dedicated marine tender, a rib exclusive and unique in terms of identity and recognition, with aesthetics and usability in line with the Picchio philosophy: thanks to a square bow and a cleverly-shaped deck, the capacity and the interior space are pushed to the highest level; comfort, spray protection, safety, equipment, colors and details all recall the main catamaran, such as the teak deck that bends in continuous forms, recalling the sand dunes, an obvious citation of the stern of the Picchio Boat.
The alter ego of the above said tender is a bicycle. Foldable, compact and designed to be unique in its kind, rich in aesthetics and technical elements that make it a real life experience: it features a Brooks saddle, hand-made wheels in anodized aluminum and a teak handlebar. Its transportability and size make it the ideal complement with which to disembark from the Picchio Boat and explore new places, or simply pedal along. Created by ItaliaVeloce, the Picchio bicycle was created in order to extend the privilege of owning a Picchio Boat even when you are not onboard your personal island.
The rib and the bicycle are not the only available items that will be offered in conjunction with the Picchio Boat: a new series of suitcases and travel bags, made of fine leathers and ropes, with natural tones and breathable inserts, will be the ideal containers for the personal belongings of the Picchio Boat owner and guests.
Besides, a series of foulards which carry the same vocation of the Picchio Boat, made of cotton fabrics in different combinations of colors, will be combined with beach towels in untreated or dyed fabrics, to preserve the natural features, as precious signs of authenticity.
Last but not least, to seal the evolution of the Picchio Boat concept, a new director’s chair, foldable and easily storable, will be the ideal addition to the equipment. Made of polished steel and teak, it has a specially designed shape with a “projection”, which gives it elasticity and “softness” while preserving the characteristics of strength and value already inherent in the use of noble wood combined with steel.
The workmanship of the two materials and their final production is entrusted to the expert hands of the historical manufacturer Foresti & Suardi, one of the best Italian companies in the sector, and one of the very few that are able create objects of such character and uniqueness.
The series of furniture and accessories Picchio EXTRA will be further enriched with new items and products of unique character and prestige.
Who’s Christian Grande
One of the youngest designers to be included in the palmares of the yacht design world, starting in 1992, when he conceived the new Sessa Marine boats, an historical brand “Made in Italy”. With more than more than 70 yacht projects in 20 years, Christian’s experience and interdisciplinary vision has led him to collaborate as a teacher and lecturer for important academic institutes and during relevant international events focused on design and lifestyle. He also works for renowned brands like Sacs Marine and Sanlorenzo.
Christian Grande’s more significant awards:
Best Sport yacht Design of 2011 Award, under 24 M length
France, Cannes 2011
Motor Boat of the Year 2010 Awards
United Kingdom, London 2010
Best Motor-yacht Design of 2009, under 24 M length
France, Cannes 2009
Croatian Boat of the Year 2008
Croatia, Port Rose 2008
Best of the Year Award
USA, Miami 2008
Motor Boat of the Year 2008 Awards
United Kingdom, London 2008
Practical Parenting 2007/2008 – Winner
United Kingdom, London 2008
European Boat of the Year 2007
Germany, Dusseldorf 2007
Millennium Yacht Design Awards – Special Mention
Italy, Carrara 2006
Practical Parenting 2005/2006 – Best Buy
United Kingdom, London 2006
Yacht European  Trophy,  50/60 ft  Open
France, Cannes 2005

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Hodgdon Yachts, new 10,5m custom tender at the last Monaco Yacht Show 2013

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(Photo credits Onne Van Der Wal, Newport – RH)
Hodgdon Yacht announces to display an all new 10,5m custom tender at the last Monaco Yacht Show 2013.
Hodgdon Yachts has nearly two centuries of experience combining art and function. In collaboration with Michael Peters Yacht Design, Hodgdon is presenting a series of artful tenders designed to please not only the discriminating owner with good taste but the crew with highstandards as well. Beautifully designed, artfully styled and expertly built, these tenders are designed to maintain an aesthetic while being optimized for a particular function.
The SPORT TENDER is as fun as it is sexy, the CENTER CONSOLE TENDER hosts lots of adventure loving guests, and the unique LIMO TENDER brings chauffeured car and private aircraft standards to shuttling guests to and from.
Alone they will turn heads in any port, together they set a new fleet imperative for super yacht tenders. New designs and a new concept: that the tenders should look great and work great and do it together. Let’s face it, a tremendous sense of passion, art and design is going into commissioning a big boat. But getting to and from the big boat should be handled with a sense of grace, style and function that compliments the scale of that investment.
Carrying up to 12 guests in luxurious leather seating, the Hodgdon Limo Tender carries all of the amenities one would expect in a chauffeured motor car coach including high definition entertainment system, refreshment station and climate control.
In addition to looking spectacular, the Hodgdon LIMO TENDER is a functional work of art. The side windows power down to reveal boarding access both port and starboard. The full salon hardtop
rises hydraulically to allow full height headroom for ease of boarding and excellent 360 degree ventilation and standing visibility even while underway. For quick ingress the top features lift up hatches at the boarding gates while the hardtop is down.
This custom tender was built to the same exacting standards as a Hodgdon super yacht with custom cast hardware, fine joinery, and painstaking detail in the layout and installation of mechanical, electrical and safety systems. And the boat is a dream to handle with sports car handling at speeds over 30 knots even when loaded or confident luxury while lingering and docking.
Handling for the crew in loading and unloading is efficient and safe with robust built-in pick up points strategically located to match the mother ships gear. In all the Hodgdon LIMO TENDER is an extraordinary design, supremely executed and superbly fitted to accommodate guests in super yacht luxury.
There are lots of opportunities to make these designs yours. Hull and Deck colors, wood trim, leather or fabric, deck treatment or a variety of custom features are “yours to choose”. Or, we start over with custom concept and create a unique and personal aesthetic. The direction is up to the clients, the expertise is Hodgdon.
“Proof that great things come in small packages; the 10.5m Hodgdon limo tender is a refined and detailed example of what a superb builder can do on a small scale – refers Michael Peters – The client and his guests arrive at the dock in the same opulence and luxury as their yacht. Me and my team we are always happiest when the builder exceeds the designer’s vision and Hodgdon has”. Since it’s founding in 1981 as a one-man design firm specializing in high-speed boats Michael Peters Yacht Design has set the standards for style, performance and quality. The company’s philosophy is based o  Michael Peters’ fundamental belief that all design should exemplify the fusion of art and science. The intense competition of international racing demands measurable, quantifiable performance that allows no loss of focus or deviation from the goal. While it was reaceboats that first brought Michael Peters onto the international stage, these same exacting standards apply to the performance and aesthetic criteria that drive the design of every boat that bears the name of Michael Peters Yacht Design. Some firms excel at style, others performance. Michael Peters Yacht Design enjoys the unique ability to standout in both.
Rooted in 200 years of boatbuilding tradition, the yard earned its way into the 21st Century with innovation. Today Hodgdon is a US leader in high tech composite construction while maintaining exceptional skills for world class traditional and modern interiors. This East Boothbay, Maine -USA Company’s diversification also includes high end superyacht interiors, custom sail and power superyacht construction, military and government contracting, superyacht refits and custom yacht tenders. Founded in 1816, Hodgdon is a fifth generation family run company still  located in the heart of Maine’s famed Boothbay Region. New for 2011 is the launch of the Custom tender boats and the annual Shipyard Cup with more than 15 sailing superyachts 20 to 50 metres, (August 12-14 2011 Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Among some of Hodgdon’s more notable contributions to yachting in the last few decades are: ANTONISA (124’) SCHEHERAZADE (154’) AND LIBERTY (80’).

Length Overall 10.5 M / 34’ 6”
Length on DWL 9.07 M / 29’ 8”
Overall Beam 2.97 M / 9’ 9”
Draft (Hull only) .53 M / 1’ 9”
Displacement 5,107 Kg. / 11,259 Lbs.
Max. Speed (Est.) 34 Knots
**All Specifications are based on half load.
Hull Epoxy Infused Foam-Cored E Glass-Carbon Composite
Deck Epoxy Infused Foam-Cored E Glass-Carbon Composite
Deck Awl-Grip painted surface with Teak decking throughout.
Cap Rail Custom selected, designed and fitted Honduran Mahogany.
Anchor Locker Anchor well for windlass, windlass control and anchor holder. Flush deck hatch.
Chocks Custom S.S. chocks.
Cleats Pop Up S.S. cleats.
Flagstaff Custom Mahogany flagstaff at stern.
Bowstaff Custom Mahogany flagstaff at bow.
Fender Pad Eyes S.S. Pad eyes for fenders port and starboard.
Lifting eyes Three integral reinforced chain plate backed lifting points with Vectran lifting straps.
Steering Station Forward Console, windscreen and Helmsperson bolstered standing area with limousine privacy bulkhead.
Seating Hard top glass enclosed luxury limousine seating for 12. Boarding areas port and starboard feature opening hatches and retractable door/windows with removable S.S. grab rails. Top electrically raises allowing greater convenience for egress and ingress. Ample cup holders integrated in upholstered arm rests.
Aft Decks Area aft of passenger seating has teak coxswain deck and teak swim platform. Engine space access gained from swim platform via lift up hatch (coxswain deck).
Engines Single Volvo D6-370 @ 370 HP with two AGM start batteries.
Propulsion Drive Single Volvo DPH Stern Drive.
Control System Volvo Electronic Gear and Throttle Control.
Gauges Volvo Engine Gauge Package.
Steering 14.5” S.S. Comfort Grip hydraulic steering wheel.
Fuel System Total capacity of 492 Litres / 130 U.S. Gallons in one custom aluminum tank with Racor fuel filtering.
Engine Space Semi-custom moisture eliminating power ventilation into engine space port and starboard.
Trim Tabs Volvo Penta QL Trim Tab System.
Air Conditioning Air conditioning with reverse cycle heat for the salon area.
Electronics Package VHF Radio with DSH, Chartplotter, GPS, Depth, Distress-Security-Tracking System.
Entertainment Premium stereo with CD player, iPod dock and four speakers.
Alternating Current 110/60 or 220/50 shore power inlet and cable with outlets and circuit breaker protection
Direct Current Power Two AGM 12/160 batteries, Mastervolt 25AH battery charger, 12vdc outlets, circuit breaker protection and master disconnect switches and Galvanic Isolation.
Outlets One at helm console.
Spotlight One hand held High Intensity spotlight.
Navigation lighting U.S.C.G. / C.E. approved / required LED Navigation Lights.
Fresh Water System Pressure fresh water system.
Fresh Water Tank One custom S.S. 114 Litre / 30 U.s. Gallon water tank.
Bilge Pumps Two Rule 2000 GPH Bilge pumps in separate bilge compartments with Johnson High Water Alarm Systems.
Thru Hull Fittings Forespar Marelon Non-Corrosive, Non-Conductive Thru-Hull Fittings throughout.
Engine Space Insulation Acoustic insulating and sound dampening materials custom installed.
Gaskets Optimized for sound attenuation at all relevant locations.
Engine Air Intakes Baffled and moisture intrusion reducing.
Engine Exhaust Muffler Integral outdrive discharge
Hull Awl-Grip in owner’s choice of color.
Deck Awl-Grip in owner’s choice of color.
Bottom Awl-Craft SE in owner’s choice of color.
Exterior Wood Gloss Varnish.
Name and Hail port 24K Gold Vinyl Lettering for Name and Hail port.
U.S.C.G./C.E. Safety Gear Bell, two portable fire extinguishers, distress signal kit, six adult life jackets, placards.
Horn VHF Radio Integrated electronic horn.
Dock Lines Six 35 foot .” dock lines.
Anchor / Rode Fold out anchor arrangement with custom S.S. anchor, 10M 5/16” S.S. chain and 30M 5/16” rode.
Windlass Electric windlass with two station control.
Documentation Provision of all relevant supporting documentation for U.S.C.G. / U.S. State or E.U. registration
Launch/Commissioning Sea-trials and commissioning in East Boothbay, Maine.
Shipping Preparation for trucking from East Boothbay, Maine to include packing and securing of loose items, loading onto truck. Cradle, shrink wrap and prep for ocean transit not included.
Re-Commission Re-Commissioning and crew orientation at mothership location (Northern Hemisphere only).
**Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice