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SC1 Biposto, two-seat hybrid pedal car by Scuderie Campari

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Scuderie Campari’s SC1 Biposto two-seat hybrid pedal car 
SC1 Biposto is a new “toy for boys,” a two-seat electrically assisted pedal car from Scuderie Campari, a one-of-a-kind vehicle whose styling recalls the racing cars of the 1920s and 30s.
Christian Grande, an award-winning yacht designer and the creative mind behind Italia Veloce, a stylish cycling brand that was unveiled in 2011, has teamed up with Scuderiecampari.com (Scuderie Campari Srl Parma) to launch a new mode of transport for 2014: the SC1 Biposto. It’s a toy for adults who love sports, physical activity and motoring, a “toy for boys” that unites in one package elegance, technology, sportiness and ecology. The two-seat electrially assisted pedal car from Scuderie Campari is a hybrid bike-car whose styling borrows from racing automobiles built in the 1920s and 30s.
Scuderie Campari has commissioned the talents of Christian Grande, a successful designer known for his creations in the yachting and automotive industry that have garnered numerous international prizes and accolades, to devise the styling and design of this new two-seat hybrid that is driven by pedals and assisted by an electric motor. The Parma-based designer and his team have devised a new type of vehicle that is set to become a status symbol, a new take on automobiles, practising sport and leisure time. The two-seater from Scuderie Campari is a true hybrid, a mix of bicycle and automobile and one that is environmentally friendly and healthy not to mention quiet and aesthetically unique. It aims to seduce those who love a leisurely cycle that respects the environment and which allows one to listen to the sounds of nature all while grasping a steering wheel. It’s geared towards those who want to share their free time, today’s most precious commodity, with their children or companion as they pedal along and take in the colors and beauty of their natural surroundings.
The two-seat SC1 comes in different versions, from a touristy model to a sportier version, that are made from carbon fiber, offer disc brakes and feature a dedicated livery that will have one dreaming about setting up teams and racing events with trophies.
STYLE AND DETAILING – historical references and high-tech detailing
The well-thought-out styling references the classic sports cars that have made history. There’s the tapered body highlighted by the long bonnet, the wire-spoked wheels and a well-defined windshield. The historical references are, in every instance, reinterpreted in a modern way and enriched with high-tech details using the latest technology and modern forms. The increased width due to the two seats is offset by the tapered chassis, which gives the silhouette an elongated look that makes it appear to float suspended between the four diaphanous wheels.
A WORKSHOP IN PARMA – customization 
This exclusive vehicle can be further customized by paying a visit to the Parma workshop where one can choose from various finishes for the chassis as well as their favorite color for the interior, not to mention select their preferred tires, rims, steering wheel and technical equipment such as the braking system. It thus ensures a timeless and enjoyable ride for all members of the family, a new two-seater that promises to become a symbol for sportiness and how best to enjoy one’s free time.
The SC1 Biposto is a product intended for forward-thinking collectors who want an object that can be both used and shown off, something that can access areas where automobiles can’t go. It can serve as a new form of shore transport for yacht enthusiasts once they dock in port. The sporty and eco-friendly two-seater is a well-suited and innovative mode of transport for resort areas designed for walking and cycling, a suitable vehicle for tourist operators who want to offer their elite clients a new type of leisure activity.
About Scuderie Campari srl, Parma
Scuderie Campari brings together superior Italian craftsmanship and industrial design excellence and this is reflected in the sophistication and quality of its products. The firm produces protective gear for sports activites using state-of-the-art technology and light alloy materials like carbon fiber. Lightness, performance and eco-friendliness are the key principles of the production process around which the company has built its international reputation.
Faithful to these values, Scuderie Campari is the first company to design and manufacture prestigious pedal cars for children that are inspired by the golden age of Italian racing and which embody the technology and craftsmanship typical of the company. Ultra-lightweight materials, carbon fiber and the finest details are combined with professional equipment that is part of racing history, including Schedoni seats and Nardi steering wheels, in order to make a highly valued product that takes the shape of a downsized pedal car, a tribute to the celebrated four-wheel automobiles it currently makes for children (www.scuderiecampari.com ), a vehicle that for the first time offered a proper steering wheel grip and allowed youngsters’ immaginations to run wild as they raced.
Who’s Christian Grande
One of the youngest designers to be included in the palmares of the yacht design world, starting in 1992, when he conceived the new Sessa Marine boats, an historical brand “Made in Italy”. With more than more than 70 yacht projects in 20 years, Christian’s experience and interdisciplinary vision has led him to collaborate as a teacher and lecturer for important academic institutes and during relevant international events focused on design and lifestyle. He also works for renowned brands like Sacs Marine, Picchio Boats Catamar and Sanlorenzo.
Awards timeline
Recommended Motor Yacht Award under 60 feet, with Sessa Marine
China, Xiamen 2012
Motor Boat of the Year 2012 Award, with Sessa Marine
Italy, 2012
Born Designer 2012
France, Courchevel 2012
Best Sport Yacht Design of 2011- under 24 mt length with Sessa Marine
France, Cannes 2011
Innovation Award 2011 with car seats KIWY (model SPF1)
Germania, Colonia 2011
Laboratorio Parma Award 2011
Italy 2011
Motor Boat of the Year 2010 Awards with Sessa Marine
United Kingdom, London 2010
Best Motoryacht Design of 2009 under 24 mt length con Sessa Marine
France, Cannes 2009
Croatian Boat of the Year 2008 with Sessa Marine
Croatia, Port Rose 2008
Best Boat of the Year Award con Sessa Marine
Usa, Miami 2008
Motor Boat of the Year 2008 Award
United Kingdom, London 2008
Practical Parenting 2007/2008 – Winner with car sit MY WAY
United Kingdom, London 2008
European Boat of the Year 2007
Germany, Dusseldorf 2007
Millennium Yacht Design Awards – Special Mention
Italy, Carrara 2006
Practical Parenting 2005/2006 – Best Buy
United Kingdom, London 2006
Yacht European Trophy, 50/60 ft Open
France, Cannes 2005


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