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Marius Creati, an alternative world of style inspired to the Ages of Old Metals

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The metaphor of the time traces an indelible groove in the evolution of the culture leaving clear iconic footprints through the adoption of symbolic allegories that, from the scenic null of humanity, influence continuously the history of the world. Marius Creati portrays the atypical traits of symbolism striving to shape the values of style, incontrovertibly, espousing the charm of the arcane, the metaphysical and the timeless luxury. What he intends to achieve is the result of a deep research that humbly bases the roots on the immense cognitive fund of history and knowledge.
The careful and accurate craftsmanship of a sartorial taste is enhanced in the constant pursuit of style through the diligent combination of accessories, fabrics and patterns designed to create a unique and excellent product, intended to satisfy the needs of distinct individuals able to perceive the indelible essence of creations. Exhumation of ancient details, expert cutting, precious materials, innovative techniques and tradition in order to create a product of higher quality. Reliability, great respect for the customer, integrity and remarkable value to seal a deal of irreproachable continuity.

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