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Braveheart in a Romantic Era, elegant dreams by Marius Creati

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Braveheart in a Romantic Era

“The man persuaded by an initiatory path toward the personal encounter with the luxury and the avant-garde of the style, a figure pushed toward a poetic avant-gardism, dictating icons in code as impeccable details. Mainstay the deep and immeasurable love for creativity.

The Heart, a living symbol par excellence, seat of deep emotions and soul, imaginative center of the cosmos and the main source of life, power, courage and strength. Pure alchemic figure, abode of divine light erected in living beings, unique essence of human being, as well as secret dwelling of consciousness, can be pierced and tamed by the darts of Eros, such as crossroads where come up love and hate, fear and courage, pain and joy”.

A new longing of style tends to evasion and love for the exceptional, adverse to anything that could be described as routine and run-of-the-mill, prompted to produce intense and overwhelming emotions. Marius Creati defines the contemporary man “wonderful” and “atypical”, “magical” and “mystical”, “fairy” and “primordial”, “spectral” and “divine” – sometimes defined out of context and addicted to unique and irresistible self-expressions.

Braveheart in a romantic age… Not just romance or lyrically fantastic, modern man captures the essence of reality, driven by the force of passion, launched by an infallible instinct that leads him to a yearned aim without neglecting the rationalist spirit of the ego, which undeniable champion of his own consciousness.

Careful and accurate craftsmanship of a sartorial taste, unique and excellent product, exhumation of ancient details, expert cutting, precious materials, innovative techniques and tradition in order to create a product of higher quality. Not just simple collections, but real style trinkets to be worn with ease. High-quality materials, craftsmanship wealth. 24K gold, sterling silver, bronze and copper are metals that adorn the style of Marius Creati, giving rise to minute creations by a yesteryear character understood as small contemporary art objects.

We are mere valuables of our common longing

– Ages of old Metals – Elegant dreams, not simple collections

Marius Creati Braveheart in a Romantic Era press1_2014-15

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