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Marius Creati, decorative artisan wealth

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The careful and accurate craftsmanship is enhanced in the constant pursuit of details through the diligent combination of accessories, fabrics and patterns analyzed to create a unique and excellent product, intended to satisfy the needs of original individuals able to perceive the indelible essence of creations. Exhumation of ancient details, expert cutting, precious materials, innovative techniques and tradition in order to create a product of higher quality. Reliability, integrity and remarkable value to seal a deal of irreproachable continuity.

These the essential characteristics of the new concept of MARIUS CREATI, who blends the essence of beauty with a flair for design.

The elaboration of the collection starts from the design of models and its accessories. The idea merges with the reality, the inspiration expands the refined elaboration of the goldsmith and tailoring manufacturing.

The processing of metals concerns a deep knowledge of the high jewelry by goldsmiths, and it makes use of techniques of the under vacuum-seal pressure in hot chamber, in which the molten metal is injected at high pressure into a metal mold of cast iron, or lost wax, whose melting process provides first the realization of the wax model, after finished with a plaster mold and then baked in furnaces encloses the soul from which the little gems in rough state are produced.

Later, after proper cooling, it proceeds to the refining of the artifacts to improve the quality of purity, to filings and finally, after any welding of the parts, the final polishing.

18K and 24K gold, sterling silver, bronze and copper are metals that adorn the style of the brand, giving rise to minute creations by a yesteryear character understood as small contemporary art objects.

The tailoring enjoys a remarkable mastery used to sew single articles according to technical references acquired through years of experience and jealously guarded in our laboratories. Modeling is elaborated on each model manually; cutting is performed according to the traditional methods of working without neglecting new techniques of technological innovation; meticulous stitching and attach of buttons is performed practically by hand. You can evaluate the option of manual finishing touch… an impeccable detail for the most demanding customers. The complementary buttons are made of real natural mother of pearl.

Not just simple collections, but real style trinkets to be worn with ease. High-quality materials, fine fabrics, craftsmanship wealth and vintage trend.

All strictly Made In Italy… excellence of the Italian beauty and research.

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