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Zeelander Yacths, announcing new models Z44 and Z55 in 2018

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– The company’s new shipyard is based in Groot-Ammers and counts on a 2000 m2 footprint on an impressive 20000 m2 waterfront plot
– A “boutique style” production for the happy few that merges extreme quality and obsession to detail
– Current range consists of two models Z44 and Z55 developed by Mulder Design and  Cor D. Rover
– Timeless, recognizable exterior design and custom made interiors
– New models to be unveiled during 2018
– Zeelander Yachts reported a +40% increase in new motoryacht sales in 2017 and has a solid order book for 2018
Best New Powerboat in 35 feet and over category award has been achieved at the 2017 Newport International Boat Show for the Z55’s outstanding quality, top-tier design and superb seagoing skills.
Zeelander Yachts is delighted to report that the 2017 has been a successful year in the Dutch shipyard’s history. The yard reports a 40% increase in new yacht sales last year and has a healthy order book for 2018.

We had an amazing year filled with events, premieres, awards and, most importantly, sales”, said Leonardo van den Berg, Commercial Director at Zeelander Yachts. “Even being a boutique style production oriented yard – half of the boats were sold through partners/brokers. Also there was much movement in the Zeelander 44 market with several boats changing hands/owners. One of the most important of our achievement is the fact that – in January 2017 – we’ve opened our new yard in Groot-Ammers, where we have already built four Zeelander Z55s. Now are working on new, bigger projects that are about to hit the market for 2018 and 2019”.
Founded in 2002, the company specializes on production of high-end motoryachts that marry form and function to efficient performance with the highest possible standard. The current range includes two models, Z44 and flagship Z55. The Z44 is an instantly-recognizable lobster-style cruiser with a modern twist and powerful motor, capable of reaching 35 knots, panoramic views and spacious interior with one or two cabins. The Z55is the ideal step-up from the 44-feet model, offering even roomier cockpit and three cabins. After she’s been presented in 2017, Zeelander’s largest model to date – immediately received strong demand from owners and acclaims from expert luxury yachting community.
An example? The Best New Powerboat in 35 feet and over category award has been achieved at the 2017 Newport International Boat Show for the Z55’s outstanding quality, top-tier design and superb seagoing skills.

The new facilities, which are fully owned by Zeelander Yachts, are world-class indeed. Craftsmen from all the different disciplines involved in building a premium Zeelandermotoryacht – from engineering to construction, from joinery to metalwork – have access to the very latest equipment in order to make the most of their timeless skills.
Our Groot-Ammers yard has a 2000 m2 footprint on an impressive 20000 m2 waterfront plot”, comments Leonardo van den Berg. “We can build up to three boats at a time and have a six boat per year total capacity, based on the Z55. We do our own design together with renowned Cor D. Rover, detail engineering, sales and marketing.”
Overall Zeelander Yachts have built and sold over 30 yachts, most of them on the US market. But there’s growing interest in these elegant boats in other areas of the world.
Leonardo van den Berg confirmed: “At this point the USA is still our biggest market. However, we are very active in Europe too with a focus on the French Côte d’Azur, and we had strong results at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September”.
Zeelander Yachts has aspiring plans for the year 2018. First, the company plans to further grow brand awareness in Europe and the Americas and create an exclusive community for the owners. Moreover, the shipyard’s expertise extends far beyond 55-feet yachts and this year it projects to unveil a couple of new larger models. More details will be released later.

Alessi, edizione limitata per l’orologio Record di Achille Castiglioni

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Orologio da polso in acciaio inossidabile 18/10 con cinturino in nylon, giallo/viola/marrone/nero/blu. Edizione limitata. RECORD AL625B

Diametro (cm):  3.60
Designer Achille Castiglioni, Gary Chang

Achille Castiglioni ha voluto creare un orologio facile da leggere e dotato di humor. La cassa, in acciaio inossidabile, può essere rimossa totalmente dal cinturino. La grafica del quadrante è stata disegnata dal suo amico, il grafico svizzero Max Huber.

“Molto spesso ci capita di cercare di leggere le ore sul nostro orologio e non ci riusciamo: quando siamo di fretta, quando siamo in bici, quando siamo stanchi, quando siamo sotto la doccia, quando siamo senza occhiali, quando siamo controluce, quando siamo in discesa, quando siamo sotto la pioggia, quando siamo a pranzo o a cena, quando siamo in pericolo, quando siamo a una conferenza, quando siamo in compagnia o quando siamo distratti. Da qui la progettazione. La scelta di un movimento al quarzo alimentato da pila. La massima superficie del quadrante per consentire la più idonea impaginazione grafica. Facile sostituibilità del cinturino senza meccanismi di fissaggio. Attenta e approfondita ricerca grafica per la progettazione di una chiara e facile lettura delle ore e dei minuti. Ne risulta un orologio ‘tutto quadrante’ di immediata lettura, essenziale e basato sull’assioma più del togliere che dell’aggiungere.” Achille Castiglioni