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S.T.Dupont, Catacombes in limited edition Philippe Tournaire

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

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For nearly 140 years, S.T.Dupont has been successfully creating exceptional pieces that have won over the world’s most powerful people, as well as aesthetes and enthusiasts of fine craftsmanship.
For over 40 years, artist-jeweller Philippe TOURNAIRE has been creating pieces that combine architecture and high jewellery.
Inspired by the Catacombs and their dual symbolism, the jeweller has designed a limited edition in conjunction with S.T.Dupont, dedicated to this “subterranean” side to Architecture.
Shaping, engraving, finishing and patinating require no less than 70 hours’ work.
This edition, crafted in bronze, is a limited to 66 copies per object, a divine, sacred number.

S.T.Dupont, Philippe Tournaire New architectural masterpieces

December 15, 2011 Leave a comment

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Since its creation in 1872, S.T.Dupont has never ceased to create exceptional pieces, made from the most precious of materials.
Philippe TOURNAIRE, an artist-jeweller for over 40 years, creates pieces combining architecture and high jewellery thanks to its showcasing of exceptional stones, meticulous sculpture and incredible three-dimensional work.
Faithful replicas of Notre Dame Cathedral, the Statue of Liberty and the Tower of Pisa have been crafted in bronze- the base of which is S.T.Dupont’s iconic Olympio fountain pen- and are entirely hand-engraved, polished and patinated.
They are produced in 30 copies and require an average of 36 hours’ work to create.
The mini Statue of Liberty alone needs 7 hours’ work and the bells of the Tower of Pisa, which are positioned individually by hand, take 5 hours.