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S.T. Dupont, pay homage to the beauty with Magic Wishes

December 19, 2011 Leave a comment

“Aladdin and his Magic Lamp” tells the story of a young man chosen to become the disciple of a learned man with magical powers. The man orders Aladdin, whose names literally translates as “Nobility of the faith”, to go and find a lamp that turns out to be inhabited by a genie able to grant the wishes of the lamp’s owner.
With this limited edition series entitled “Magic Wishes”, ST Dupont pays homage to the beauty, the poetry and the mystery which thrill and delight anyone who reads this tale.
A motif depicting a curl of smoke represents the appearance of the genie, expertly worked in black lacquer adorned with silver powder, the whole offset by a rich palladium finish.
This limited edition consists of a Ligne 2 lighter and three Olympio Large pens: fountain, rollerball and ball point. These items are numbered 888, a lucky number in Asia.

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S.T.Dupont, Hope symbol of love and life in limited edition

December 17, 2011 Leave a comment

In the face of the disastrous events that occurred in Japan, we have rapidly created this limited edition HOPE based on a Défi pen and a Ligne 8 lighter, both conceived in bright lacquer red, a true symbol of love and life, on which blossoms a cherry tree called Sakura, signifying renewal in Japan.
All profits, namely 50 Euros per product, will be donated, through the French Red Cross, to the Japanese Red Cross, as a token of our support for Japan.

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S.T.Dupont, Catacombes in limited edition Philippe Tournaire

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment

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For nearly 140 years, S.T.Dupont has been successfully creating exceptional pieces that have won over the world’s most powerful people, as well as aesthetes and enthusiasts of fine craftsmanship.
For over 40 years, artist-jeweller Philippe TOURNAIRE has been creating pieces that combine architecture and high jewellery.
Inspired by the Catacombs and their dual symbolism, the jeweller has designed a limited edition in conjunction with S.T.Dupont, dedicated to this “subterranean” side to Architecture.
Shaping, engraving, finishing and patinating require no less than 70 hours’ work.
This edition, crafted in bronze, is a limited to 66 copies per object, a divine, sacred number.

S.T.Dupont, Philippe Tournaire New architectural masterpieces

December 15, 2011 Leave a comment

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Since its creation in 1872, S.T.Dupont has never ceased to create exceptional pieces, made from the most precious of materials.
Philippe TOURNAIRE, an artist-jeweller for over 40 years, creates pieces combining architecture and high jewellery thanks to its showcasing of exceptional stones, meticulous sculpture and incredible three-dimensional work.
Faithful replicas of Notre Dame Cathedral, the Statue of Liberty and the Tower of Pisa have been crafted in bronze- the base of which is S.T.Dupont’s iconic Olympio fountain pen- and are entirely hand-engraved, polished and patinated.
They are produced in 30 copies and require an average of 36 hours’ work to create.
The mini Statue of Liberty alone needs 7 hours’ work and the bells of the Tower of Pisa, which are positioned individually by hand, take 5 hours.

S.T.Dupont, limited edition Thousand and One Nights

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

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S.T.Dupont pays homage to the celebrated masterpiece of Eastern literature: the tales of the Thousand and One Nights.
Thousand and One Nights, thus perpetuating its tradition for excellence by offering a collection that benefits from its unique know-how to recreate this dreamlike and marvellous world.

The collection contains a Ligne 2 lighter, Néo-Classique fountain pen and roller, a pen holder with paper cutter as well as an ink bottle. Every item is numbered out of 1001pieces.
Pursuing this theme of luxury and sophistication, S.T.Dupont has created two “diamond” version of this collection with a lighter and a pen in solid white gold.
The lighter is set with 137 white diamonds of 1,841 carats, and the pen with 129 white diamonds of 1,841 carats.
These exclusive items are limited to 28 pieces each.

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S.T.Dupont, accessori preziosi per il Natale 2011

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Il designer
Il fascino inalterato dellʼiconica Ligne 2 in soli 5 centimetri di altezza e 75 grammi di peso.
Ligne 8 ʻl’erede al tronoʼ S.T.Dupont, si rivela in unʼinedita, elegantissima versione en bleu. Ligne 8 è disponibile anche in rosso, nero, bianco e cromo.
Prezzo: 200 euro
La grandeur
La nuova collezione di strumenti da scrittura Elysée ha nel suo nome un omaggio a tutti i capi di Stato francesi che da sempre hanno scelto S.T.Dupont come il miglior rappresentante dellʼeleganza francese nel mondo.
I modelli Elysée sono declinati in lacca Dupont e palladio, lacca Dupont e oro, duotone in lacca Dupont e palladio, oppure palladio.
Il refill della sfera contiene un inchiostro gel eccezionalmente scorrevole, per un tratto definito, ma morbido.
Il range di prezzo tra i 250 e i 390 euro consente a tutti di possedere o regalare un esempio di savoir faire francese.
Ricorda la morbidezza del cachemere nella scorrevolezza di scrittura e nel nuovo colore moka naturale S.T.Dupont Liberté. La collezione di strumenti da scrittura femminili interpreta l’inverno con la nuova versione disponibile in sfera, roller e stilografica. Qualunque sia il proprio tratto. Liberté é disponibile anche in versione mini nei colori nero, bianco perlato, rosa pesca.
Stilografica: 350 euro
Roller: 275 euro
Sfera: 250 euro
Il collezionista
1001 Notte Limited Edition: la celebre antologia di racconti cattura S.T.Dupont con le sue atmosfere esotiche e sognanti e ispira con contaminazioni in stile orientale la decorazione di accendino Ligne 2, stilografica Néo-Classique Président, roller, tagliacarte-sciabola e calamaio.
Ça va sans dire… ogni elemento é realizzato in edizione limitata di 1001 pezzi con corpo in oro giallo decorato da lacca di Cina blu notte, illuminata da polvere dʼoro come stelle e preziosi citrini incastonati.
La collezione é disponibile anche nella prestigiosa versione Diamond in oro bianco massiccio.
Accendino Ligne 2: 1.605 euro
Stilografica Néo-Classique Président: 1.805 euro
Stilografica Néo-Classique Large: 1.305 euro
Roller Néo-Classique Large: 1.205 euro
Trio Stilografica, Portapenne, Tagliacarte, Calamaio: 2.810 euro
Accendino Ligne 2 Diamond: 20.065 euro
Trio Stilografica, Portapenne, Tagliacarte, Calamaio Diamond: 20.065 euro
Nel 2011 lʼaccendino S.T.Dupont compie 70 anni. Tanti ne sono trascorsi dal primo accendino da tasca a benzina realizzato dalla Maison di Faverges nel 1941. Il modello celebrativo é un accendino Ligne 2 in palladio rivestito in lacca nera nella migliore tradizione S.T.Dupont, impreziosito da polvere dʼargento e 70 diamanti, in edizione limitata di 770 esemplari.
Prezzo: 2.510 euro

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