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S.T.Dupont, limited edition Thousand and One Nights

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S.T.Dupont pays homage to the celebrated masterpiece of Eastern literature: the tales of the Thousand and One Nights.
Thousand and One Nights, thus perpetuating its tradition for excellence by offering a collection that benefits from its unique know-how to recreate this dreamlike and marvellous world.

The collection contains a Ligne 2 lighter, Néo-Classique fountain pen and roller, a pen holder with paper cutter as well as an ink bottle. Every item is numbered out of 1001pieces.
Pursuing this theme of luxury and sophistication, S.T.Dupont has created two “diamond” version of this collection with a lighter and a pen in solid white gold.
The lighter is set with 137 white diamonds of 1,841 carats, and the pen with 129 white diamonds of 1,841 carats.
These exclusive items are limited to 28 pieces each.

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