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Couach Yachts, 115 years of shipbuilding history and savoir-faire


115 YEARS OF SHIPBUILDING HISTORY AND SAVOIR-FAIRE Just like its boats that are subjected to the caprices of the ocean, Couach shipyard is today a mature and modern business, with its focus truly fully future. Its strength lies in the savoir-faire it has accumulated over the last century; the very first Couach shipyard came into being in 1897. Immediately after the Second World War, the second generation of Couach ventured into mass boat manufacture, and their reputation soon knew no limits. Thanks to its success, the shipyard progressively focused on two main themes: • Yachts, with a range that today contains units from the 23 metre yacht to the 50 metre superyacht. • Patrol craft and speedboats, used in marinas and administrations in over twenty countries throughout the world.
The company’s recent history is a perfect illustration of the energy and creativity invested by Couach’s teams:
2006: launch of the new 33 metre 3300 Fly and launch of 3 new projects: a 30 metre, 37 metre and 50 metre yacht.
2007: the 3700 FIy, Couach’s biggest ever yacht, was a huge success with six orders received for this sleek model. At the same time, the shipyard began major construction work, building a 4400 m² hall to accommodate the first 50 metre yacht.
2008: work begins on the first two 5000 Fly units and a gigantic launching ramp is built.
2009: the company becomes CNC – Chantier Naval Couach. An agency and showroom are opened in Cannes on the old port.
2011: Nepteam acquires the company.
2012: delivery of the first 5000 Fly in June, the flagship of the new Yacht Couture collection, christened La Pellegrina.
2013: Couach hits the headlines with the presentation of its new range and the launch of the 2600 Fly and the Hornet 1300.
Besides pleasure yachts, Couach shipyard also designs military patrol boats and surveillance speedboats under the PLASCOA brand. These boats are constructed using composite materials that confer them with the exceptional sea keeping qualities for which they are renowned. The internationally recognised marine qualities of the military range and the reputation of Couach yachts for reliability are the fruit of four generations of savoir-faire: from Albert Couach who invented the first marine engine in 1897, to Guy Couach, to today’s technological innovations.
International Marine Services (IMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Couach, has been a reference site for refit and repair work in the Mediterranean for many years. Its fine reputation has earned it the right to act as the maintenance centre for, amongst others, Heesen and Palmer & Johnson. The yard can handle vessels up to 50m. Couach Yacht Maintenance is co-located at the IMS site and is the after sales service centre for Couach vessels operating in the Mediterranean.

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