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Les Mirages, nuove fragranze orientali unisex da Prada Olfactories

March 24, 2017 Leave a comment

Prada La promenademag

Les Mirages raffigura quattro nuove aggiunte unisex all’iconica collezione Prada Olfactories, una serie di potenti fusioni per l’indomito spirito Prada.

Les Mirages si fonda sulla natura della comunità, sulle differenze costruite, sull’orientalismo/occidentalismo e sul viaggio futuristico.
Miuccia Prada e la profumiera Daniela Andrier reinventano l’arte della fragranza come un atlante globale: ogni formula rappresenta una puntina su una mappa immaginaria. Reinterpretano i codici delle fragranze orientali in quattro intensi Olfactories.

Miracle of The Rose

Una rosa in una corona di spine. Una sensazione di passaggio attraverso varie stanze labirintiche, ognuna caratterizzata da una fragranza diversa. Una profonda sensazione architettonica, un volume fisico di pelle, legno di agar e tabacco, livelli che nascono da decenni, secoli. Ma nelle vicinanze, forse in una stanza adiacente, forse trasportate nell’aria turbolenta da qualcuno di passaggio, le delicate ma potenti note di assoluta di rosa e patchouli si ritrovano in primo piano. Miracle of the Rose circonda l’elegante fiore con una profondità quasi imperscrutabile.

Soleil au Zénith

Un sovraccarico di sensazioni. La scoperta di varie culture attraverso l’avvicinamento. Effetto al rallentatore nell’atmosfera tangibile e nella luce soffusa tramite il luccicante calore. Soleil au Zenith combina in modo semplice il dolce ylang ylang e la pesca con essenze sofisticate di legno di sandalo, fondato su una profonda base scura di vaniglia, noce moscata, cannella, pimento e cumino.

Dark Light

Un impercettibile bagliore nell’oscurità. Come gli attimi intensi e soffusi subito prima che una forte tempesta squarci il cielo, Dark Light si insinua nella coscienza. I componenti sono più antichi della memoria, degli elementi della cultura e della venerazione: muschio, vaniglia autentica del Madagascar, mirra, angelica e la profonda aura complessa della gomma opoponax. Invertendo il calore dell’ambra con la freschezza delle aldeidi, Dark Light definisce e sfida la fantasia orientalista, colma di antiche resine e inestimabili elisir, e decostruisce il mito dell’esotico.

Midnight Train

Qui è caldo, caldo e secco. Le memorie si mescolano e collidono, spronate da fragranze in viaggio verso ampie distanze aride da città aromatiche: dolce legno di cedro del Texas, cisto legnoso dell’Andalusia e patchouli indonesiano in un vortice intorno a un accordo di ambra luminoso e caldo. Midnight Train evoca un calore polveroso, un intangibile colpo di vento sulla sabbia.
*Midnight Train viene venduto esclusivamente in negozi Selfridges del Regno Unito e Prada in Medio Oriente

Fumée De Jasmin Eau De Parfum, floral woody fragrance by Floris London

October 5, 2015 Leave a comment


This new limited edition eau de parfum envisions the cavernous space, imbued by scent filling the air and the delicately smoky environment, of our original perfume workshop. It was this area, where for over two centuries until the end of the 1970s, all Floris fragrance was created and poured. The workshop, two floors below the original shop on Jermyn Street, is a vaulted cellar the family lovingly refer to as the ‘mine’ due to the long periods of time spent day after day, crafting their perfumes and experimenting with new ingredients in this subterranean studio. Fumée de Jasmin, a masculine woody floral fragrance, takes inspiration from a day imagined in the Floris ‘mine’ in the 19th century, with swathes of individual fragrance oils and finished compositions that would have been present in this creative space. Batches of blended floral scents built up over the previous century, merging with hints of the earthy Victorian brickwork arches, and rich Spanish mahogany fittings. The new fragrance is borne of a simple accord between jasmine and cedarwood, the core of this story. The coming together of two key ingredients imagined at the end of a day, after the blending of a batch of Night Scented Jasmine by our ancestors, combining with the smoking stove, to warm the air. The jasmine and cedar wood accord combine with other scents that would be in the air at the time, in particular a quintessential English ingredient, lavender which adds a freshness to the top notes, whilst resins of middle eastern woods, and exotic nuances of black pepper and tobacco all play a part. The subtle smokiness has been imagined through the inclusion of a carnation note in the heart of the fragrance.

Referring to our original recipe books from the period the early 19th century, we found them to be dominated first and foremost by flowers as our family were attempting to recreate the wonderful fragrance of nature. In February 2015 we re-opened the ‘mine’ for exploration and during that time came across a pallet of old ingredient bottles from as far back as the early 20th century. One such bottle that struck us was a beautiful cask of Jasmine that after all this time and decades of dust still held onto its clearly defined scent. These items are now on display to the public in the museum area at the rear of the 89 Jermyn Street store.

Top Note: Lavender, Bergamot
Heart: Jasmine, Carnation, Black Pepper
Base: Cedarwood, Oriental Resins, Woody Amber Notes, Vanilla, Javawood, Tobacco

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La Prouveresse scented candle by Diptyque Paris

September 30, 2015 Leave a comment


La Prouveresse is the name of a lane that Yves Coueslant would take when he stayed in his house near Grasse. A path lined with fig and cypress trees, aromatic herbs and crunchy leaves. It comes in a matt porcelain pot crafted entirely by hand using the “terre mêlée” (mixed clay) technique, meaning every piece is unique.

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Macmillan Rose Geranium Bath Essence by Floris London

September 30, 2015 Leave a comment


The characteristic notes of geranium are enhanced by fresh citrus nuances and a hint of rose. A simple woody base note accord of cedarwood is all that is needed to complete this clean cut classic.

Floris presents a limited release of its now iconic Rose Geranium Bath Essence in aid of the charity Macmillan. Packaged within a specially designed sleeve illustrated by Marta Spendowska commissioned especially for the project, this 50ml bath essence retails for €72 of which €48 will be given to Macmillan. Just a few drops of this exhilarating essence in any bath will fill the room with a warm, relaxing aroma that has been filling bathrooms since it was conceived by Floris in 1890. Aficionados have included Marilyn Monroe.

Over the past 24 months the Floris team and wider business has been affected deeply by cancer, and as a small family business, felt the impact that this disease has, both to those inflicted with it, but also to those around them who love and care for them.
Macmillan has always promoted wellbeing and the importance of taking time for yourself, not just for the person afflicted with cancer, but for the carers, partners, friends and loved ones.

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Floris London, eau de parfum Jermyn Street citrus green

August 5, 2015 Leave a comment


Inspired by what has been the backbone of the family business for nearly 300 years in the unique area of London that is St James’s and our home at 89 Jermyn Street, this fragrance, like its inspiration has the feel of refined elegance, understated class and style. Drawing on notes of gin with a splash of lemon, an initial burst of citrus and green notes have been blended with the theme of vetiver. The vetiver runs through the fragrance from its introduction to the base and is supported in the heart, accompanied by juniper with a contemporary twist of coriander, a subtle complement in gin creation. The fragrance also draws inspiration from the London plane trees which proudly still stand in front of the shop today, and the fresh scent of fine crisp cotton found within the renowned shirtmakers residing in the iconic location named after Henry Jermyn in 1664.

Jermyn Street in 1730 was a fashionable world of enterprise, excitement and migration that brought with it knowledge and opportunity. From our shop on Jermyn Street in St James’s, Edward Bodenham was reminded of his childhood when a delivery of fragrance was dropped and spilt outside the Floris doorway, and for days the street outside was filled with the scent of perfume essence.
On his first visits to the shop as a child, fragrance was still created in the ‘mine’ beneath, perfuming the street with a continuous blend of the scents being poured below, and therefore the ‘Jermyn Street’ Eau de Parfum was born out of the desire to celebrate our home at No 89.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Vetiver, Violet
Heart Notes: Coriander, Vetiver, Armoise, Juniper Berry
Base Notes: Amber, Cedarwood, Musk, Vetiver

For Him & Her –  100ml   €174

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Diptyque Paris, satin oil for body and hair

August 3, 2015 Leave a comment


The evanescent Satin Oil enhances the natural beauty of both hair and body. Its light, silky texture with a base of avocado oil and refined urucum oil leaves the skin soft, soothed and satiny and the hair bright and glossy. The warm, honeyed and spicy notes of Jasminum grandiflorum, ylang ylang and saffron add a voluptuous touch.

Beautifying, Silky, Evanescent –

Inspired by Rhodes, this dry oil, non-greasy, evokes bright scents like jasmine, ylang-ylang and saffron. Sprayed on the skin, it makes skin satiny, smooth, and brilliantly beautiful.

On hair, it repairs, nourishes, softens and gives incomparable shine.

A summer essential, to use throughout the day, again and again.

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DAAD, new essence by Dantone

July 6, 2015 Leave a comment


The fortuitous result of the encounter in Via Santo Spirito between Giorgio Dantone, Meo Fusciuni and Pierfrancesco Cravel. Three modern dreamers, an experimental entrepreneur, a scent creator and an architect, together for over a year seeking the elusive essence of things: Milan, the old family tailor’s shop, its smells, memories and the assiduous search of contemporary cuts abstracted in a perfume, intangible form of the aesthetics and history of Dantone.D,

The olfactory pyramid: Rhum – Angelica – Black pepper – Cedarwood – Elemi – Patchouli – Harmony dust – Incense – Labdanum – Ambra – Leather


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Acca Kappa, nuova linea di essenze per l’eau de parfum

November 14, 2014 Leave a comment


Se vi viene detto Acca Kappa, qual è la prima cosa che vi viene in mente? Esatto: una spazzola oppure un accessorio per il bagno. Acca Kappa per molti anni è stato – e continua a essere – questo. Ciò non toglie che il brand si sia evoluto da tempo e abbia deciso, così, di allargare il proprio raggio di azione anche alla sfera dei profumi – che del resto, spesso si usano proprio in bagno, quindi, tutto sommato, è rimasto nella stessa area -.  La scelta non risulta bizzarra perché, come ha dichiarato la stessa Elisa Gera, discendente del fondatore del marchio – appartiene alla quarta generazione, per inciso -, ” Quando ero bambina mi piaceva passare del tempo con il nonno in azienda. Ricordo che mi raccontava sempre belle storie del mio bisnonno e della nostra famiglia. Il mio bisnonno, mercante a Venezia alla fine dell’800, commerciava con l’oriente e in quella splendida città, ricca di vita e di profumi, acquistava setole di primissima qualità per produrre le sue spazzole. Lo ascoltavo incantata e mi affascinavano tutti quei racconti, carichi dei colori e dei profumi delle spezie, che parlavano di Venezia e di commerci con paesi per me sconosciuti.”Quindi un vero e proprio tributo alla tradizione, al passato e alla famiglia. Ma quali sono i bouquet proposti: Vaniglia/Fiore di Mandorlo, Tilia Cordata, Black Pepper&Sandalwood, tutti rigorosamente in eau de parfum. Prezzi 80 euro l’uno, tranne Giardino Segreto – Euro 130,00 -. Natale si sta avvicinando, perché non pensare a un pensiero che lasci il segno e la scia? (V.M)

Fonte: VM-Mag

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Jermyn Street, eau de parfum in limited edition by Floris London

October 6, 2014 Leave a comment


Inspired by what has been backbone of the family business for 284 years – London and our home at 89 Jermyn Street. This fragrance, like its inspiration has the feel of refined elegance, understated class and style. Gin and the old copper stills are represented in a blend of citrus and green notes in the base, blended with juniper and coriander in the heart, supported with a masculine vetiver. The fresh crisp cotton of our shirt creating neighbours is completed in the top notes of amber, cedarwood and musk.

Inspired by what has been backbone of the family business for 284 years – London and our home at 89 Jermyn Street. This fragrance, like its inspiration has the feel of refined elegance, understated class and style. We’ve drawn in our take on notes of gin and the old copper stills, with a splash of lemon. An initial burst of citrus and green notes have been blended with the abiding masculine theme of vetiver. The vetiver which flows through the fragrance from its introduction to the base and is supported in the heart, where you will find juniper with a contemporary twist of coriander, a subtle compliment in gin creation. The fragrance brings together the London plane – London’s most common tree & those that still stand around the store today, and the fresh, crisp cotton of its renowned shirt makers all beginning with Henry Jermyn. The fragrance is therefore completed with a crisp accord of amber, cedar wood and musk creating the essence of a crisp cotton shirt and the stoic reliance of the London plane.

Topnotes: Bergamot Mandarin, Green Vetiver, Violet – Heart Notes: Coriander, Vetiver, Armoise, Juniper Berry – Base Notes: Amber, Cedarwood, Musk, Vetiver

Jermyn Street in 1730 was a world of enterprise, excitement and migration that brought with it knowledge and opportunity. From our shop on Jermyn Street in St James’s, Edward Bodenham was reminded by accident of his childhood when a delivery of fragrance was dropped and spilt outside the store, and for days the street smelt of fragrance. In his childhood, our fragrance was still made in the ‘mine’ below the store, making the street a permanent blend of sweet smell, and therefore the Jermyn Street ‘By Request’ was born out of the desire to celebrate our home at No 89.

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Mercedes-Benz, primo deodorante stick per uomo

July 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Deodorant Stick Mercedes-Benz

Il famoso profumiere Oliver Cresp, ha appena lanciato il primo deodorante stick per uomo fimato Mercedes-Benz, che sarà in grado di deliziare tutti i clienti della casa che vogliono avere nella loro borsa da viaggio una fragranza che porti lo stesso nome della propria automobile.
Il nuovo flacone Deodorant Stick For Men da 75 grammi si presenta con un look elegante e raffinato, disponibile nei colori nero e argento e ideale per essere portato sempre con se nella propria 24 ore.
Il nuovo flacone Mercedes-Benz Deodorant Stick For Men è già disponibile nelle migliori profumerie e farmacie e nelle boutique di Mercedes-Benz.


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