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Xoro Xolio, special gift for Christmas 2012

Christmas give a gift… give a dream… 2012
Xoro Xolio is a luxurious gourmet product thinked for food decoration and for experiencing a new way of taste. You can add a final touch to extraordinary meals, sweets, soups and other foods, or you can use it as a unique present or decorative element.
Xoro xolio comes in a 0,2 l bottle with a delicately balanced taste of slight bitterness and a peppery finish.
It has some unique traits, such as a very low acidity 0,2, no filtration, a scent of a beautiful and elegant bouquet, a good balance, an absolute full colour (typical of a non-filtered product) and, above all, an extraordinary density, which can be noticed as soon as the oil drops out . Overall taste is neutral, not changing the taste of your food but giving it a characteristic signature. 
The olive oil is infused with 23-karat edible gold flakes from Italy that hold a safety certificate for human consumption.
Xoro Xolio is a regular award winner of many olive oil exhibition in Italy and worldwide. The exquisite glass is enriched with 63 Swarowski elements and packed into black luxurious boxes lined with soft velvet: a real collectors item.
The bottle looks like the sinuous shape of a beautiful woman and when the oil is finished, the empty bottle becomes a beautiful candelabrum, a unique piece of design to embellish all luxury environments.
Xoro Xolio series is produced in a limited edition of only 1000 pieces a year. Upon purchase, customer receives an ownership card, identifying the unique number assigned to each product.
Xoro xolio is created handmade by 8 Italian craftsmen, all MADE IN ITALY. It takes more than 60 hours to assemble one finished product. 
Their experience and love towards traditional crafts are evident in the high standards kept during the manufacturing process, and guarantee the highest quality of each individual product for the customer. 
Personalization of GOO products (private label) available on request.
Xoro Xolio
“Special recipes for Christmas 2012”
Cuttlefish ink risotto with small squids, praws and Xoro Xolio whit Gold flakes 23kt
Ray prawns and preserved anchovies with citrues dressing and Xoro Xolio with Gold flakes 23kt
Pandoro prepared with Xoro Xolio with Gold flakes 23kt
The olive oil is produced by cultivations of Giovanna estate, selected for Xoro Xolio production, quality varieties of Gentile olives. A manual harvest that preserves fruit integrity, a wise workmanship and an ancient stone-mill technique are the key-heritage of our extra-virgin Italian oil, a typical oil from Abruzzo, well-known for its taste and aroma. 

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