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Smart, green light for smart electric drive in China

Green light for smart electric drive in China
› smart is the first European importer to bring a fully electric vehicle onto the Chinese market
› smart fortwo electric drive to be launched before the end of the year
Stuttgart. With the new smart electric drive, the smart brand is further expanding its leading position in the field of urban mobility. The Stuttgart-based company will soon be bringing fully electric motoring to China, its third-largest market, where the smart fortwo electric drive will be available before the year is out. This means that smart will be the first European importer to sell a fully electric vehicle on the Chinese market. The Chinese government has now given the green light for approval of the zero-local-emission runabout. In Germany, the electric smart established itself as the market leader among battery-electric vehicles within a very short space of time.
Dr Annette Winkler, Head of smart says: „smart has conquered the hearts of our Chinese customers by storm – they appreciate and love smart because it is the perfect city car. By bringing the smart electric drive to the Chinese market we will be the first European importer to introduce a fully electric vehicle in China. Again we are proving our role as the global pacemaker of urban mobility. Our numerous forward-thinking clients in China will be enthusiastic about the smart electric drive`s fabulous driving dynamics.”
Urban mobility without any local emissions
Zero-emission motoring with even more driving pleasure – that’s what the new smart electric drive promises. All thanks to its powerful drive technology: with 130 Newton metres of torque, the 55 kW electric motor leaves other cars behind when pulling away at traffic lights, passing the 60 km/h mark in less than five seconds. And with a top speed of 125 km/h, the two-seater is also well equipped for urban motorways – a lithium-ion battery with 17.6 kWh provides enough energy to cover a range of 145 kilometres.
Produced at the Hambach plant in France, with an energy accumulator developed by Deutsche ACCUmotive (a joint venture with Evonik) and an electric motor from EM-motive (a joint venture with Bosch), the electric smart is a true European.
In 2012, more than 1000 smart electric drive models were produced and delivered to customers in Europe. This year, production of the electric drive will be stepped up continuously in order to satisfy the high demand from customers all over the world.
smart is now represented in 46 markets worldwide with the brand most recently introduced in Russia. In addition to Germany and Italy, China is one of the smart’s main sales markets, with sales there increasing by 43.8% in 2012.
Further information about smart is available at: and

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Prada, new boutique in Taiyuan

September 1, 2012 Leave a comment
Prada opens its first store in Taiyuan, China, in the Tianmei Plaza mall.
The store, designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, occupies a surface of about 750 square metres on a single level, and it carries the men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, bags, accessories and footwear collections.
The outer 55-metres long storefront is especially impressive, with a black granite pedestal at the base with wide light boxes inserted into it. Above it, a structure featuring alternating blades finished in gold and polished steel creates a peculiar kinetic effect, both in daylight and at night-time.
Inside the mall, the storefront features elegant façades, made in precious black marble, alternating with entrances, windows and light boxes.
The store is designed as a succession of rooms with different atmospheres that display the distinctive elements of Prada’s brand identity worldwide: pastel green fabric walls and black and white marble chequered floors.
In the women’s area, the display niches inset in the walls are embellished with polished steel profiles and cera-coloured saffiano leather shelves. The ready-to-wear area features a sophisticated and elegant image: wide niches with backdrops in stiff green fabric curtains accommodate display fixtures in plexiglass and polished steel.
The men’s area, with furniture characterised by ebony wood and polished steel profiles, is embellished by castorino-coloured velvet sofas and counters in black saffiano leather and crystal.
Prada wishes to express its admiration of Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the leaders of the kinetic art movement, an innovative form of dynamic expression with strong visual impact. Having always greatly appreciated Carlos Cruz-Diez and his contribution to this artistic genre, Prada intends paying public homage to his artwork which has been the starting point in the development of façade in the Prada boutique of Taiyuan, Shop 101, 1F-TianMei Plaza No.113 ChangFeng Street.
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Burberry to celebrate China


“I love the creativity, vibrancy and history of China with its exciting and dynamic energy and it is a huge privilege to be flying the flag for Britain in the magnificent city of Beijing connecting all of our global communities to celebrate everything Burberry represents today from music, to heritage and innovation.”

Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

Christopher Bailey will be hosting the brand’s most innovative event to date, celebrating Burberry, Britishness, music and technology in China

The event will be the ultimate showcase of the brand capturing all facets of the brand from emotion to weather, hosted at Beijing Television Centre on a 2000sqm sound stage, which broadcasts to over 90 million people each day

Burberry will become the first luxury brand to use groundbreaking virtual image technology, combining live models with animated footage and life-like holograms with a fully immersive audio, visual and sensory experience connecting the physical and digital

The event on 13 April, will be livestreamed globally through and hosted on partner sites as well as being streamed directly into over 50 Retail Theatres at Burberry stores globally

For the first time ever in China, headline British band Keane will be performing at the event, celebrating the longstanding Burberry association with British music

“I met Christopher Bailey a few years ago. He’s a big fan of Keane and I’m a big fan of what he does for Burberry so we hit it off. Christopher suggested that we should team up to create an incredible event combining music, new technology and fashion in one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities, Beijing. It’ll be our first trip to China, and we hope to put on a show that will surprise and delight the folks of that fascinating and brilliant country.”
Tom Chaplin, Lead Singer of Keane

The celebration marks the recent opening of the brand’s most technologically advanced flagship store at Sparkle Roll Plaza in Beijing – a 12,500 square foot store, designed by Christopher Bailey

The new store features giant digital exterior 9×5 flat screen LED video walls showcasing the brand’s multimedia content and streaming the events on the night

Burberry currently has 57 stores in China with further plans to double the number of stores in the next few years

Burberry, which is headquartered in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange, was founded in 1856

In occasione dell’evento, Angela Ahrendts dichiara: “Sono veramente entusiasta di essere di nuovo in Cina dopo l’acquisizione e l’integrazione del business Burberry portata a termine con successo sei mesi fa. Nutro un profondo rispetto per questo Paese, la sua cultura e la sua storia, ed è veramente un onore celebrare la nostra presenza in Cina in un momento così importante per il suo sviluppo.

Stiamo cercando di accelerare il nostro investimento in questo mercato in forte crescita. Per questo è davvero indispensabile, per noi, conoscere sempre meglio la cultura e le caratteristiche peculiari della Cina in modo da assicurarci che l’offerta Burberry continui a essere adeguata e pertinente. Siamo davvero orgogliosi del legame che si è istaurato tra i clienti cinesi e il marchio Burberry e crediamo vi siano grandi possibilità di approfondirlo grazie ai nostri punti vendita, ai nostri addetti e alla tecnologia digitale. Tutto questo ci consentirà di acquisire, prenderci cura e interessare sempre di più l’autorevole cliente cinese, sia a casa che in viaggio.”