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Aero Bang Red Devil 26, exclusive watch inspired to Shinji Kagawa by Hublot

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Hublot introduces Aero Bang Red Devil 26: Inspired by Shinji Kagawa, a Japanese football player with Manchester United 
Kagawa challenges “Hublot Charity Shooting” to support youth football players 
From Hublot, Official Timekeeper of Manchester United, comes a brilliant timepiece inspired by Shinji Kagawa: Aero Bang Red Devil 26.
Hublot, the luxury Swiss watch brand that serves as the official timekeeper and watchmaker for Manchester United, the prestigious English football club with over 100 years of history, announced its release of the Aero Bang Red Devil 26, a special model inspired by and bearing the number of one of the club’s star players – Japanese international Shinji Kagawa.
To celebrate the launch of this exclusive watch, Shinji Kagawa took up a challenge of “Hublot Charity Shooting”. He shot balls into ten targets with different values, and Hublot promised to donate the total sum of corresponding successful shootings, a maximum of 10 million JPY, to support young football players. Shinji strongly wished to help kids to realise their dreams and provide various support through football. He ultimately raised the total sum of 3million JPY and all the proceeds will be used to aid children.
With its strong ties with Manchester United, Hublot held a unique charity fashion show in July 2012 in Shanghai featuring the club’s players as models. Kagawa, who at that time had just joined the club, also took to the catwalk wearing a Hublot watch and received a great deal of attention from the media.
The Aero Bang Red Devil 26 (a limited edition of 50 delivered worldwide with a signed jersey), inspired by Kagawa and Manchester United, is unique and stylish, featuring precision details throughout and embodying Hublot’s advanced technology. In a color combination of Hublot black and Manchester United red, the model is a rare piece that Hublot, the football club and Kagawa’s fans eagerly anticipated.
The black carbon fiber case, symbolizing Kagawa’s strength and flexibility, was designed, developed and manufactured entirely by Hublot. By controlling the release of air bubbles during the process of mold-pressing up to 12 layers of carbon fiber sheeting in the thickest parts, and treating them in a curing oven, the material evens out and takes on a high level of durability.
The red sapphire glass befitting of the name Aero Bang Red Devil 26 was directly colored by adding a special chemical element that prevents it from easily discoloring. The strap is made of high-quality alligator leather with an inner rubber lining that provides a comfortable fit and elegance, and the red stitching expresses the bond between Hublot and Manchester United. The skeletal back casing bears a print of Kagawa’s jersey number 26 and his autograph, heightening the watch’s exclusivity.

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