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Paul Smith, focus men’s denim

paul smith jeans
Jeans have a permanent home in the world of Paul Smith in just the same way that there’ll always be room in the wardrobe of every sartorially savvy gent for a trusty pair of denims. Here we dig deep into the genes of Paul Smith denim.
Denim debonair. Deciding on denim is a finely honed science. With an eye on every cotton picking thread, fit and feel are central when choosing the correct fabric. The weight, handle and colour of the denim are all key considerations in the process.
We wash, so you don’t have to. Whether you dabble in dip-dyeing, go loco for indigo or are the stone-washing kind, in every season of Paul Smith Jeans there’s a wash to fit your sensibility.
Fit but you know it. Paul Smith jeans are created to function. Slim, standard, drainpipe, tapered, easy or classic, every fit is designed to last as long as the denim does.
Looking trim. We love trims at Paul Smith: oxidised copper rivets, raw edge real leather patches give a gravitas and discreet luxury to the garments, noticeable only to the eyes of the discerning denim fan.
Handle with care. Denim’s a strong, resilient chap but nourishment is key to his good health. The more frequently denim is washed, the more fading that occurs. When they are washed, do so with a non biological detergent and residents of Britain rejoice, jeans should not be dried in driect sunlight!

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