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Hornet, go-fast boat by Couach Yachts

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COUACH reinvents the Go-fast boat with HORNET
The Hornet is set to be launched to the press and public at the Cannes Boat Show from 10th to 15th September 2013
Navigation images will be available next September
Couach creates the surprise at this fall’s 2013 Cannes boat show and goes where it is not expected: the shipyard will launch a high-speed, 13 metre dayboat brimming with personality and technical prowess.
We would not necessarily have expected to see Couach, the constructor of 20 to 50 metre pleasure yachts, in this domain. Yet who better to design a high-performance dayboat than a shipyard that has been supplying customs and marinas throughout the world for decades? Besides motor yachts, Couach also designs and builds a range of professional civilian and military boats, recognized for their high level of technicality (going by the name Plascoa).
The idea was simple but audacious! Teams from the shipyard and designer Franck Reynaud tackled the task of transforming the Plascoa FIC (Fast Interceptor Craft) into anaggressive, high-tech pleasure boat. The result is remarkable, and will appeal to the virile nature of those who get a kick out of extreme sensations and ultimate playthings.
Speed, extreme thrills, maximum safety
Thanks to Couach’s trademark deep “V” hull, together with Rolla propeller system coupled with Arneson drive shaft, the Hornet offers outstanding seaworthiness, even a thigh speeds. It takes curves smoothly, no listing, and speeds along at 50 knots without smacking the waves. One thing is sure: the Hornet will be the only day-boat on the market to offer the exact same on-board equipment that is found on military boats,ensuring unequalled reliability, technical prowess and sturdiness.
Progeny of the 1300 FIC (Fast Interceptor Craft)
As proof, the Hornet’s hull is made from the same composite materials (fibreglass, aramids and carbon fibre) as found on the 1300 FIC, calibrated to meet the demands in terms of light weight, performance and shock resistance requirements for intensive use 10 to12 hours a day, 365 days a year. The 1300 FIC is dedicated to protecting the coastline, tracking down pirate threats or any type of trafficking, in all sea conditions and at all speeds.
Powerful design
Aesthetically, the design team has taken the “military boat” concept all the way: making technology the top priority for a virile boat that exudes safety. The 1300 FIC’s cabin in composite materials has been replaced by a tubular hard-top built in sandblasted stainless steel, giving it a perfectly finished look and a technological rendering. This style is reinforced by details such as visible unpolished soldering, emphasizing the raw and technical dimension.
Another stylistic effect is the back sun deck, installed on a stainless steel tubular structure: a real break from standard composite sun decks in terms of aesthetics. The upholstery is composed of a high quality outer fabric that also covers the upper part of the hard-top.
This is matched with the paint finish on the hull, a blue-grey camouflage style colour. The same theme is developed on the back sun pad with an anti-slip coating made from synthetic liquid resin. As always, paint, upholstery and other stylistic elements are all entirely customisable at Couach.
Nothing but the essentials Officially approved for 12 passengers, the Hornet is equipped with 7 bolster seats (stand-up seats used for offshore racing) and everything required for a great day out on the ocean:
The cabin has a berth, toilets with holding tank, wash basin with water inlet, a kettle and a 12V espresso coffee machine. The U-shaped fittings adjoining the pilot console contain a 90 litre refrigerator and a water inlet. One last inspired idea: a removable 40l cooler hidden under the cushions of the front sun deck.
On the pilot console the engine electronics and the propulsion control system are set out around the 12 inch navigation screen. The boat is also equipped with Mastertrim for automatic boat balance regulation.
Reliable and efficient, with just the right touch of arrogance to give it all its personality, the Hornet is set to make waves!


Overall length: 13.65 metres
Hull length: 12.5 metres
Beam: 3.80 metres
Draught: 0.9 metres
Light displacement: 11 tonnes
Fuel tank: 1000 Litres
Fresh water: 170 Litres
Maximum speed: 52 Knots
Engines: 2x MAN R6-800 diesel engines, 2 x 800
hp@ 2300 rpm
Construction materials:
Kevlar® composite sandwich, fiberglass, carbon
fiber, matrix made of resin and balsa.

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