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“Being Unique is an Art”, creative concept begins the celebrations of its 140th anniversary

ESEC ADV Oscar - Intersection 460x275mm-w600-h600

Benetti reveals the new advertising campaign and launches the new web site
Benetti – part of the Azimut|Benetti Group, world leader in the megayacht market – begins the celebrations of its 140th anniversary with an advertising campaign, focusing on the values that have accompanied the yard over the years.
Italian style, shipbuilding excellence, the artisans’ utmost attention to detail, tradition coupled with continual technological innovation: all are exemplified aboard every Benetti yacht.
“Being Unique is an Art” is the creative concept that drives the new campaign.
It emerges from Benetti’s capacity to put the owner at the heart of every project, interpreting his needs through experience, competence and flexibility.
Each Benetti is unique, built both for the Owner and together with the Owner. Since 1873, Benetti’s proven excellence in design, styling and construction are at the client’s disposal to create a unique yacht – a piece of art.
The campaign is planned on|off line for all of 2013 in the world’s leading nautical media, and will also cover selected luxury, lifestyle, economic and financial media.
The objective is to confirm the Benetti brand as the world leader in the custom megayacht market, with a special emphasis given to Benetti’s ability to personalize every detail in a unique building experience.
In addition to the advertising campaign, Benetti is pleased to announce their new web site. Thanks to the latest in graphics and software, full screen vision is guaranteed irrespective of the platform, screen resolution, browser or device. The site is designed to emotionally involve the visitor by a complet  immersion in the world of Benetti.
Engaging the vast worldwide audience of enthusiasts on-line represents another aspect of the new strategy, amplifying the excellence personified by the Benetti brand. ‘Facebook’ and ‘Pinterest’ have been chosen for real-time exposure of news, events, interviews, product launches, etc.
Corrado Fanti, Communications Manager for the Azimut|Benetti Group: “The new advertising campaign and the new web site, together with social network activity, represent only the first step in Benetti’s new three year marketing and communications strategy. In 2013, the 140th anniversary of the birth of the Benetti yard, a dense calendar of international events, a new visual identity, a new house organ, and the implementation of a sophisticated new CRM instrument, will have the task of consolidating Benetti’s world leadership, and to establish an on-going and exclusive dialogue with the Benetti community, made up of owners, captains and brokers, but also with the many enthusiasts of the Benetti brand, an icon of international luxury and ambassador of Italian style throughout the world.“

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