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Tabisso, set of furniture inspired by “typographic” types

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TABISSO® is a dynamic design company based in France. Focusing on high-end “typographic” lounge furniture, it blends interior design & communication.

The set of chairs represents letters from A-Z and numbers from 1-9, and the set of floor lamps covers more than 20 punctuation marks.

The result is a finely balanced collection, fun and creative yet chic and purposeful.

The array of interior design solutions made possible is ideal for professional projects (company lobbies, office space, showrooms, hotels…) as well as for homes with a personal touch.

All products are internationally protected and made-to-order in France in a few weeks. Chairs are upholstered with fabric or leather in a wide choice of color, the wooden shell and metal footing come in diverse finishing options.

At the core of TABISSO, there are two individuals: Caroline RICHARD is an Art Conservator by training, and fond of design by nature; Sébastien MAITRE is an Industrial Design Engineer who seeks innovation and refinement. They love to travel, and beyond their European roots they lived abroad in Thailand, South Africa and Hong Kong, before founding TABISSO back in France.

“Our furniture collection has created a lot of interest during our first exhibitions in Europe, especially in France and Belgium”, explains Caroline. Interior architects and project managers understand quickly the new creative dimensions that are made possible: company names, acronyms, and any message relevant or not.

“Known brands like NEFF® from the Bosch/Siemens group, but also LAW for a law firm, ZEN for a spa, GOLF and TEE for golf clubs… We always look forward to what will be asked for next!” says Sébastien enthusiastic.

The “alphabet” idea initially came to Caroline while doing voluntary work in a South African preschool near Johannesburg. The experience was a moving one: such caring and professionalism from the local team yet with so little means, even for basics such as paper and pencils to teach A-B-C.

As a constant reminder of its origin, the future design label was named after Thabiso, a cute and clever 2-year-old from the crèche. The founders of TABISSO aim at giving back and sponsor basic school material for developing countries through their charity program named SpringOfEducation.

Furthermore, they care about sustainability with regards to materials and manufacturing – wood is certified from sustainably managed forests, manufacturing is entirely local in a strategy of regional employment and short logistic cycles.

All information about TABISSO®

Website: http://www.tabisso.com

Email: info@tabisso.com

Facebook: TABISSO

Twitter: TabissoDesign

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