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Soul Drops, essence of Giulietta Capuleti

Life from time to time throws us together with stories written by time and fatally transfigured by the essence of their legend.
Giulietta Capuleti “soul drops” have been born of the passion for classical literature burning in a curious creator who lives a stone’s throw from the home of Shakespeare’s icon of love.
Following her nose, the creator has journeyed from page to page, from book to book, wandering in search of the olfactory hints dropped by the words of the Greats of literature and philosophy.
After years of research, this olfactory journey has reached its conclusion in a potion made of essences which, beyond its guise as a fragrance, is adorned with the magical allure of exclusive authenticity.
Giulietta Capuleti “soul drops” is the whispered secret of everything time has told us, broken down and wrapped in mystery.

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