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Hodgdon Yachts Custom Yacht tender complimenting good taste


(Photo credits Onne Van Der Wal, Newport – RH)

Hodgdon Yachts has nearly two centuries of experience combining art and function.  In collaboration with Michael Peters Yacht Design, Hodgdon is presenting a series of artful tenders designed to please not only the discriminating owner with good taste but the crew with high standards as well. Beautifully designed, artfully styled and expertly built, these tenders are designed to maintain an aesthetic while being optimized for a particular function.

The SPORT TENDER is as fun as it is sexy, the CENTER CONSOLE TENDER hosts lots of adventure-loving guests, and the unique LIMO TENDER brings chauffeured car and private aircraft standards to shuttling guests to and from.

Alone they will turn heads in any port, together they set a new fleet imperative for superyacht tenders. New designs and a new concept:  that the tenders should look great and work great and do it together. Let’s face it, a tremendous sense of passion, art and design is going into commissioning a big boat. But getting to and from the big boat should be handled with a sense of grace, style and function that compliments the scale of that investment.

Carrying up to 12 guests in luxurious leather seating, the Hodgdon Limo Tender carries all of the amenities one would expect in a chauffeured motor car coach including high definition entertainment system, refreshment station and climate control.

In addition to looking spectacular, the Hodgdon LIMO TENDER is a functional work of art. The side windows power down to reveal boarding access both port and starboard. The full salon hardtop rises hydraulically to allow full height headroom for ease of boarding and excellent 360 degree ventilation and standing visibility even while underway. For quick ingress the top features lift up hatches at the boarding gates while the hardtop is down.

This custom tender was built to the same exacting standards as a Hodgdon superyacht with custom cast hardware, fine joinery, and painstaking detail in the layout and installation of mechanical, electrical and safety systems. And the boat is a dream to handle with sports car handling at speeds over 30 knots even when loaded or confident luxury while lingering and docking.

Handling for the crew in loading and unloading is efficient and safe with robust built-in pick up points strategically located to match the mother ships gear. In all the Hodgdon LIMO TENDER is an extraordinary design, supremely executed and superbly fitted to accommodate guests in superyacht luxury.


There are lots of opportunities to make these designs yours.  Hull and Deck colors, wood trim, leather or fabric, deck treatment or a variety of custom features are “yours to choose”.  Or, we start over with custom concept and create a unique and personal aesthetic.  The direction is up to the clients, the expertise is Hodgdon.


“Proof that great things come in small packages; the 10.5m Hodgdon limo tender is a refined and detailed example of what a superb builder can do on a small scale – refers Michael Peters – The client and his guests arrive at the dock in the same opulence and luxury as their yacht. Me and my team we are always happiest when the builder exceeds the designer’s vision and Hodgdon has”. Since it’s founding in 1981 as a one-man design firm specializing in high-speed boats Michael Peters Yacht Design has set the standards for style, performance and quality.  The company’s philosophy is based on Michael Peters’ fundamental belief that all design should exemplify the fusion of art and science. The intense competition of international racing demands measurable, quantifiable performance that allows no loss of focus or deviation from the goal.  While it was reaceboats that first brought Michael Peters onto the international stage, these same exacting standards apply to the performance and aesthetic criteria that drive the design of every boat that bears the name of Michael Peters Yacht Design. Some firms excel at style, others performance.  Michael Peters Yacht Design enjoys the unique ability to standout in both. www.mpyd.net


Rooted in 200 years of boatbuilding tradition, the yard earned its way into the 21st Century with innovation. Today Hodgdon is a US leader in high tech composite construction while maintaining exceptional skills for world class traditional and modern interiors. This East Boothbay, Maine -USA Company’s diversification also includes high end superyacht interiors, custom sail and power superyacht construction, military and government contracting, superyacht refits and custom yacht tenders. Founded in 1816, Hodgdon is a fifth generation family run company still located in the heart of Maine’s famed Boothbay Region. New for 2011 is the launch of the Custom tender boats and the annual Shipyard Cup with more than 15 sailing superyachts 20 to 50 metres, ( August 12-14 2011 Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Among some of Hodgdon’s more notable contributions to yachting in the last few decades are: ANTONISA (124’) SCHEHERAZADE (154’) AND LIBERTY (80’).


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